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Aquarium Sealant How to repair an aquarium?


How to repair an aquarium?

I, like most people, have had or bough an aquarium that has a broken seal or maybe a small leak due to a crack in the aquarium. There are procedures to follow so that you do not sacrifice the integrity of the aquarium or the safety of your fish.

The first question to ask is, how do I repair this aquarium without hurting my fish?

This is simple; do not use any chemical that will harm the fish. I would purchase 100% alcohol from your local store, a razor blade, and ASI Aquarium Sealant.

The following steps will help you repair your aquarium and replace the seal with a new, fresh, clear seal.

  • ·         The first step is to clean your aquarium with white vinegar. It will not harm your fish and it does a good job of getting scum off of the tank.
  • ·         I would then begin to peal the silicone from the inside corners of the tank. It is important not to take the silicone from the part that connects the glass, but instead just the outer seal that you see. If this is done correctly, you should see no silicone from the outside and there should be none dug away from in-between the glass either. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • ·         Once the old silicone is removed vacuum the tank and clean the part of the inside edges where silicone will be applied with the alcohol.
  • ·         With your American Sealant Inc. Aquarium Sealant start applying the sealant to the inside edge of the tank. Make sure to press into the edge and make sure that all the areas are covered.
  • ·         The silicone can then be tooled along the outside with your finger, cardboard, or a even a spoon. Make sure it is flush with the edge.
  • ·         Wait 72 hours for the silicone to cure and wash out the tank to remove any old remnants.
  • ·         You can then fill your tank and begin to enjoy all of your hard work!!

Contact us if you have any questions on how to repair your aquarium!

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